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October 30, 2013

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

HE GETS IT! #BernieSanders US Senator - Declared Nation's Hero


"Global Warming is a Greater Threat than Al Qaeda"

Bernie Sanders
Calls for War on Global Warming

National HER0 2013

The Senator's Official Website 

Applause!, Applause! Why have we declared US Senator , Bernie Sanders, the American 2013 National Hero?

Because Senator Bernie Sanders, well  -  HE GETS IT! And if we also had an International 2013 Super Hero Award (Bigger than a Nobel Prize), we would award him that one too. And when he shows up to speak at our International Award Ceremonies next year, we want every one of you there to praise, celebrate and applaud the wisest, smartest and most forward-looking member of the US Senate in decades, if not centuries. When is 2016 anyway?

This prize comes because of Senator Sander's courage and leadership, by stating that Global Warming is an even greater threat to the United States of America, than Al Qaeda terrorists, or for that matter we add, any terrorist group. How right you are Mr Senator, Sir. Now let's see if the rest of your colleagues can follow your heroic historic call to arms. We are not holding our breath.

Let's not forget that the good Senator Sanders also represents the great and wise state of Vermont. A place where people are still plain folks, caring neighbors and warm friendly communities. A State and a people, who share a greater connection with nature's life and are not the disconnected zombies of hub-bub urban sprawl. And its stunning intoxicating scenery, challenges the best real estate in paradise,(Guess we kinda like Vermont, eh!). All this is reflected in the quality of leadership that these wise folks have chosen to represent their democratic interests. He Gets It!  

They say too, that the State of Vermont, is the home and founding state of good ole fashion common sense. Is there something in that Maple Syrup?  We could go on for hours singing high praises of these wonderful people, its scenery and down to earth values..Google's servers still aren't large enough yet.  But rather, we ask that you visit Senator Sander's official congressional website, that we have linked to above - hear the words straight from the horse's mouth. You will be amazed by how insightful, balanced and wise this guy actually is - he's the "lke" for our times!  

Then you will also see why he won the highly coveted American 2013 National HERO Award - HE GETS IT!  And so does the home of common sense, the beautiful state of Vermont - THEY GET IT!  

Remember keep thinking 2016, "I Like Bernie - HE GETS IT! 

Dr. Peter G. Kinesa
October 26, 2013


Beautiful Common Sense

Where It All Began...


Thursday, October 24, 2013

#Fukushima Radiation - WHO's At Risk?

Hitting the West Coast-
Who’s At Risk?
Read and View Video

This is not the time to get overly frightened and upset, nor is it the time to bury our heads in the sand and either hope or rationalize the dangers away. This above linked article provides anecdotal evidence with links to a variety of other stories, reporting the specific harms being done to the environment on the West Coast, possibly from the radioactive water of Fukushima. Is it possible that a distinct concentrated ocean current of this water had or could form causing such damage? - Yes, according to some scientific sources. 

Unfortunately, we cannot verify these scientific findings, conclusions and predictions one way or the other. That is one reason why we believe greater effort is needed from the world community.Moreover, the information that is coming out of Japan over the past two years has been inconsistent, contradictory and at times thought to be misleading. Contrast the effort here, to the eagerness and hyperbole surrounding efforts  to bomb Syria over its chemical weapons - and that was not even remotely threatening to North American shores. 

Again, we are not going to judge whether the risk is great or being overblown by media vigilantes, but what we do know is that this nuclear disaster has still not been contained after two years. There are indications too, that the spillage is getting worse. The Japanese Prime Minister has recently called out for global assistance. No one seems to know when this disaster is going to be fixed.These are all not adding up to a positive position for the world's third largest economy - as there are additional dangers of a major catastrophic financial fall-out spinning out of any escalated and protracted events. That would be a global event! . 

There are many known unknowns in play here, but here's the big unknown, unknown that should really concern the world.

What if there is another tsunami?  

To be quite frank, that or similar events, at this fragile point of time, is the biggest concern. We need, with the greatest urgency, to bring this  situation under control....


Dr Peter G Kinesa
October 23, 2013

Risks of Fragile Times

Monday, October 21, 2013

#Fukushima - Out of Control?

The Japan Times 


See More Here

Just when you think that problems at this event could not get any worse,particularly after two years of site work. - They do!

As this linked article reports the radioactive water releases are up an astonishing 6500%.Not only is the future of Japan in the lurch, but so might be the North American western coastline as this water is sure to touch its shores. Should it be highly contaminated then you could overlay  in a few months the Fukushima wasteland pictures on cities all along the coast.  

Everyone fears what could happen should the catastrophe spread to the rest of the reactors on the site Apparently there are also 23 similar reactors in North America And this is no longer a Japanese problem. Rather, it is the world's biggest priority.

So, where is the world???


Dr Peter G Kinesa
October 21, 2013

Map of sampling locations for radioactive water leaks around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Graphic: TEPCO 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Five Billion People Face Water Scarcity

Threshold level of ΔTg leading to significant local changes in water resources (a) and terrestrial ecosystems (b). (a) Coloured areas: river basins with new water scarcity or aggravation of existing scarcity (cases (1) and (2), see section 2.3.1); greyish areas: basins experiencing lower water availability but remaining above scarcity levels (case (3)); black areas: basins remaining water-scarce but without significant aggravation of scarcity even at ΔTg = 5 °C (case (4)). No population change is assumed here. Basins with an average runoff <10 mm yr−1 per grid cell are masked out. (b) Regions with severe (coloured) or moderate (greyish) ecosystem transformation; delineation refers to the 90 biogeographic regions. All values denote changes found in >50% of the simulations. Graphic: Gerten, et al., 2013

Water Scarcity

Five Billion At Risk

By the end of this century with concurrent trending in population growth it is projected that up to five billion people could be exposed towater scarcity. These figures are according to a recent scientific research letter published in IPOScience  (read more  above).  Here’s the real scary part – that assumes that temperature does not rise 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius over pre-industrial levels. Guess what? We are trending to go higher because restrictive measures are not being implemented.  The number should be bigger!

The report referenced provides ample numerical, mathematical and modeling analysis if you have a geeky urge.  What cannot be emphasized enough is that we are not just talking about ducks and daisies here – we are talking about the essence of human life. Climate change is not a bad dream to be swept under the media carpet, and ignoring it may not affect our lives, but the misery we are leaving our children, grand children and so on, has never been imagined by any word constructions of any dictionary on the planet.

Now, I leave you with no further words - just that thought…  

Dr Peter G Kinesa
October 17,2013
Popular Museum Attraction - 2133 AD 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Japan's PM Sends #Fukushima SOS

Japan's PM Sends
Fukushima SOS

My country needs your knowledge and expertise”

(Al Jazeera America)
Read More Here

Almost daily the reactor at Fukushima faces new leaks of radioactive water as tanks overflow and spill their refuse into nearby seas. Over a month ago Japan had stated to the 2020 Olympic Committee, that the situation was under control. Not so, as reflected by their Prime Minister's recent call for international assistance. Japan's problems are also flowing over into the nuclear industry, that just had two multi-billion dollar projects more or less cancelled in a Canadian province.

It seems that the media is also playing down the consequences on the local fishing industry because local Sushi restaurants are in a business as usual mode. At this point it is hard to determine what the final outcomes will be until the situation is put to rest and some time has lapsed to allow for a damage assessment. There is little doubt its affects are far-reaching and may still have an impact on the larger economy as energy costs are certain to rise over time. 

Crippling the world's third largest economy is sure to have spreading global effects that may ultimately cause havoc in the global financial markets too. Therefore, it is self-evident why such a hush-hush environment exists around disclosure, events and media.

Meaning that we are going to continue monitoring developments as they are reported. Events here could dramatically change too many things, particularly when there is little evidence that they are contained or may even becoming worse?

Dr Peter G Kinesa
October 12, 2013  

Friday, October 11, 2013

#America Shrinking Brains?

America Shrinking Brains?
Score Below Average On Global Tests
(Associated Press)

American adults score poorly on global test
Read More

This should come as no surprise to anyone that the intellectual levels in the United States have been drifting lower over the past couple of decades. In fact. this trend plays havoc with demographers and media types who are constantly dumbing-down their programs and content in order to adjust to the lower common denominator. Why the shrinkage in brainpower? Numerous reasons exist; ranging from I and X toys, immigration demographics, costly elitist education, drug use, celebrity culture and poor diets, just to name a few. And in the long-run this trend will have serious economic, political, social and military implications. It is a National Security risk and huge economic disadvantage that cannot be fixed in a few years.

Beyond the tests.scoring and reported reasons maybe the deeper cause lies in the shrinkage of American leadership - the pictures captioned below tell a tale of a nation lacking in the quality of character, skills, knowledge and capabilities that its people deserve and who would act as role models for its future generations.

Dr Peter G Kinesa
October 11, 2013

Or Shrinking Leadership?  

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Food Shortages Now Rock #Venezuela

Food Shortages
Now Rock Venezuela
(PanAm Post Article)

Venezuela Reinforces Shortage Controls: Attorney General Threatens Punishment for "Hoarding"
Read More

Is It Exponential Math Yet?

Now what does Venezuela have in common with Syria, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Portugal  and a host of many others? Start with rapid population growth, and then add in a sharp decline in natural resources critical to generating export revenues needed to buy food stock for its growing number of mouths. The Flat J Curves that we observe globally are infesting individual countries who had for decades followed the false prophets (sic) of classical economic theory. Wealth was not created, rather it disappeared. 

Now look at what happens when those naive make-believe positive-sum games collide with real physical economic constraints that refuse to negotiate and do not allow more blood, or as in this case; OIL - to be drawn from the stone. Food Shortages result, turning to social unrest which then sets the stage for political upheaval. Anyone starting to see a pattern emerging here yet? Clearly, not the gurus working at the IMF, World Bank, UN and other bastions of astute and thoughtful analysis. 

We are not going to forecast the future here, but all minds should begin to turn to the insightful destiny of Nauru, Easter Island and others to see the path that most likely lies ahead for these failing economies. Economists may continue to mutter eloquently with gibberish that suggests these nations need to conform and adhere more rigorously to their naive growth theories and monetary doctrines. They all tried that nonsense. So why can't they create the wealth and grow out of it?

Because there is so much less to grow with, and too many more to grow for. It is a pie that is shrinking while facing demands of a rapidly growing population. And as we know, that sort of silly mathematics only works at the Highly Esteemed  Schools of Classical Economists. Voodoo math that is totally ignored by the physical laws governing - Entropy!

To close, we fondly observe - SNAFU 

Dr Peter G Kinesa
October 7, 2013 

Sharply Declining Resources

Rapidly Growing Populations

Equals = Exponential?

Sunday, October 6, 2013

#Fukushima - Nuclear Wasteland (In Pictures)

A woman paying a brief visit to her home walks under a sign reading 'Nuclear power – the energy for a better future', at the entrance of the empty Futaba town. Decades ago the citizens ofFutaba took such pride in hosting part of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex that they built a sign over a promenade proclaiming that atomic power made their town prosperous. Photo: Damir Sagolj / Reuters

Nuclear Wasteland
(In Pictures)

The Guardian provides an excellent gallery of pictures providing a visual insight into the worst atomic disaster in 25 years. The human, environmental and economic costs have been staggering and what the future holds remains deeply concerning. Words can only do so much as the actual photographs touch profounder meanings and understandings of the tragedies created by a system that ignores planetary constraints with its foolish neo-classical economic beliefs pushing exponential growth leading to the self-evident ultimate minimization of human life.  

As much as these pictures convey an education into the aftermath of this event, they are also disturbing in many ways. There is a shot of a fisherman selling his catch at what appears to be a local market. His produce is covered by plastic for protection??? The first amoung many serious questions that strike the mind is, "WHO IS EATING THIS FISH?  

"... what the future holds remains deeply concerning..."

Dr Peter G Kinesa
October 5, 2013 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

#BBC - Oceans Doomed?

Oceans Doomed?

IPSO Review Reports Decline
(BBC Article)
Read More Here

Here's another report that ties back the declining state of the Oceans to climate change, pollution, over-fishing and CO2 absorption, thus making the Oceans less alkaline and more acidic. Risking the extinction of the largest number of ocean species ever witnessed in human history. It is important to keep in mind that the health of the Oceans also impacts the speed of climate changes. They effectively feed on one another - serving to build into a rapid exponential decline in both systems that are critical to sustaining human enterprise. Fears are growing that the acidity of the Oceans is more rapid than expected, some even expect most will be acidic by the turn of this century.

Not good news!

So again, there are more and more signs that the environment is caving into the pressures of supporting ever-increasing economic activity. There may be a chance that the eco-systems are also set to continue declining, despite all efforts to immediately stop emissions and pollution. And as we know, that stoppage is not going to happen as long as we pursue endless economic and population growth. There is no sense of urgency, despite the traumatic consequences.

As a result, we can expect that natural forces will ultimately take matters into their own hands. There should be a fear that whatever occurs - could happen without much warning. Then all the urgency in the world cannot abate and remedy the deadly outcomes.

Dr Peter G Kinesa 
October 4, 2013        

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Economist - Climate Change "It's Still our Fault"

The Economist
Climate Change
"It’s Still Our Fault"

Climate change denial? It is not even the question of whether it is occurring or not - in this recently released IPCC report - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; in fact, the key issue is identifying what or who is the cause behind this rising trend. So it is no surprise, when this UN body states that it is more than 95% certain that human activity is behind increasing temperatures, as reported in The Economist article linked above.

But it is more depressing when the co-chair of the report, Thomas Stocker, says that we are committed to climatic change for centuries to come, even if we completely halted CO2 emissions today. Telling us that the heating feedback loops in the biosphere are on automatic pilot and cannot be reversed in short order. There is just no question then that road ahead is turbulent - and all bets are off should the warming begin an accelerated climb. Some scientists believe that is a possibility that could occur any time without warning.   

Again this proves that measuring the wealth of nations or the planet based simply on monetary values creates a false sense of well-being. In more ways than one wealth is diminishing rapidly, despite happy GDP or employment growth numbers. Economics may ignore physics, but physics won't ignore economics.   

Dr Peter G Kinesa
October 3, 2013 

Physics does not negotiate... 

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